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Wine Womble(TM) No.1: Franschoek

Posted in photos by YTAH on May 5, 2010

These photos were taken in and around Franschoek, or on the way there via what our driver called “The Photographer’s Route”. Hitting the wine farms at around 1 meant that the light was “difficult” for good photos, but Wild Frank took some great photos of vines around sunset. But the highlight was the artificial inland dam – especially because its water levels were so low, which meant that all the dead tree trunks and a beach-like area created quite a strange effect. See for yourself…

All pics taken on a Canon 400D.

Marina da Gama, Revisited

Posted in photos by YTAH on May 3, 2010

Some more photos from the ‘little weekend’ in Marina da Gama.

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Some clouds, some houses, reeds, and lots and lots of mist. Mostly these involve buggering around with the contrast and levels.

All photos taken on a Canon 400D, 25 & 26 April.

Wildlife & landscape photos

Posted in photos by YTAH on May 1, 2010

Taken on a Canon 400D and edited down for the Web.

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