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A Letter of Resignation

Posted in humour,rants,work by YTAH on March 12, 2009

To my boss

Regarding our amiable conversation this morning. I believe you mentioned that I arrived late. Oh, was I late this morning? Thank you for letting me know! Gosh, you’re useful. A talking human clock. So that’s why you get the big money. You can tell what the time is and when I arrive? How very informative. Thanks – thank you for telling me that I was late, as opposed to being on time, or early, or in outer space. Wow. The summit of human accomplishment, you are. Your logic circuits alone must weigh a ton. (Pity the wiring’s a bit rusty, but I suppose disuse will do that.) (more…)


Posted in movie review by YTAH on March 12, 2009
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[4 out of 10.]

From the same team who brought you the remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre comes the 12th, rather pedestrian installment of the Jason franchise. For anyone who hasn’t seen the original film, a belated spoiler warning – albeit one that should have come from the filmmakers themselves. The new remake/reboot begins with a tedious prologue that gives away the ending of the original film, so if you never got around to watching it and you want to leave that option open, you should perhaps show up 5 minutes late.

Not that anything in this film would make you want to watch another one, except perhaps to wash the distaste out of your mouth. The film starts with a group of college kids on a trip into the forest to find a weed plantation of camping trips past. Being a Jason film, they set up camp near Crystal Lake and in so doing disturb the peace-loving ways of Jason, he of the hockey mask and machete, so don’t get too attached to them. (more…)