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Suicide? Don’t Make Me Laugh.

Posted in rants,satire,YTAH by YTAH on November 18, 2008
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Now I know what you’re thinking: “YTAH, you heartless fuck, what the hell is the matter with you? You’re not going to make fun of those unfortunate souls who are so despondent that they consider death only as a sweet, sweet release? Are you really that much of a cunt?” To which my answer is: yes, yes I am. And yes, that’s exactly what I’m about to do, because suicide is stupid, and stupid things make me laugh. (more…)

After-Life? Over My Dead Body.

Posted in humour,religion,satire by YTAH on November 18, 2008
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Heaven gets a lot of good publicity that I don’t think is justified. Greeting-card companies, religious organizations, and the rest of the entertainment industry have been exploiting all things heaven-related for so long that the idea fills the populace with warm happy feelings, rather than scaring the bejeezus out of them. Somehow, while we weren’t being vigilant, the world devolved to this appalling state, where images of fat angelic cherubs wielding harps can warm the cockles of the most hardened TV or movie executive’s heart, instead of filling them with bile and revulsion. What gives? How has it come to this? (more…)

HorrorFest: Premature Post-Mortem

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Having attended most of the HorrorFest so far, on AtraBilious and DocBenway’s recommendation, I’ve come to certain conclusions. Firstly, all horror movies are made on a budget scraped together by selling the director’s furniture in a garage sale, stealing it back from the suckers who paid good money for some asshole’s shit on the side of the road, and then reselling the furniture to a bona fide pawn shop. That’s if the films are any good at all. The higher the budget, the more seriously everybody takes themselves – which makes sense, because there’s so much more to lose. But this also means that everybody immediately forgets that ultimately all horror movies are based on a premise that is incredibly and deeply silly. (For an example of which, see Dark Reel with Lance Henriksen and Edward “Lay Off the Fucking Cocaine” Furlong.) (more…)

“Some of us are just wired that way”

Posted in AtraBilious,journalism,movies,music by YTAH on November 4, 2008
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An interview with Paul Blom & Sonja Ruppersberg.

by AtraBilious and DocBenway

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Eleven o’clock on a Sunday morning seems an odd time to meet people who share a love of horror movies and heavy music, but that’s when we arranged to meet Paul Blom and Sonja Ruppersberg. Apart from organizing the annual Horrorfest, South Africa’s only dedicated horror movie festival, they also form the core of the industrial band Terminatryx, who will perform a live soundtrack accompanying the Halloween showing of a silent horror classic, with guests. (more…)