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Insulting critics

Posted in blogs,rants by YTAH on August 9, 2008
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Okay, so apparently engaging in a flame-war is both tacky and uncool, but I just can’t help myself. At least this time I’m restricting myself to a blog, where I can swear to my heart’s content. Ah, freedom of speech – isn’t it a wonderful thing? Well, no apparently not when you give it to morons.

I’ve said this before, but I hate stupid people. They piss me off. When someone has never had an original thought in their entire lives, and yet insists on blathering on and on with their stupid opinions, I have a difficult time not engaging with them. Perhaps, despite all my cynicism, I compulsively believe that people are reasonable beings and capable of rational thought, so that it should be possible to talk someone out of their horrendous ignorance and get them to see the light. Alas, my cynicism generally proves better-founded than this rather persistent, misplaced faith in rationality.

A while back I wrote something about religious wackos who post comments online, but my “Smite Morons” impulse can be provoked by various things. And it got prompted this morning when I was checking the comments to those Mummy 3 reviews, and saw the following comment, which was posted in response to Ivan’s review:

“vyron says: terrible critic
how many crits does any one know that gives a movie a good crit???my answer none???unfortunately we have crits that on like or believe in their own kind of movie theme, i have read many of Ivan’s comments and most them point that he has no idea about the future and CGI.dude if you can not put the two together and understand fantasy ‘action, please do not give a this the time and age people love to watch ‘black verse white’;’good verse evil’, it gives us hope.please do not give movie bad credits becuase you are boring,consider the other public that prefer that.”

Wow, “VYRON”, with such a well-written and convincing argument, you MUST be right. Oh wait, no, you’re an idiot. “In this the time and age people love to watch ‘black verse white’;’good verse evil’, it gives us hope”? Really? “Black verse white”? And why would that make this a good movie? I thought that good movies require characterization, a thought-provoking plot, or at least some goddamn sense. But it doesn’t seem from your comment that you’re all too keen on “sense”.

Perhaps this is a failing on my part, but I can’t help but feel that an inability to construct a real sentence means that, whoever is trying to communicate, has very little worth hearing. Anyone who posts the sentence “consider the other public that prefer that” should be fucking shot.

Or is that just me?

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