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Yarbles (Parts I & II).

Posted in humour by YTAH on July 21, 2008
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Because I’m a lazy cunt, there won’t be a proper update from YTAH today. Also, I’ve just enjoyed a 4-day weekend and my brain is stuck in neutral. Don’t worry, though – I’m sure my job and the rest of this sad, sordid life will generate some kind of mind-storm to keep y’all amused in the near future. Maybe tomorrow, maybe not. In the meantime, here’s a t-shirt.

Also, check out the brain on Bismarck:

 There's a brain. On Bismarck.

* * * * *

Okay, so because we’re even lamer than you may have imagined, pinvictor will also NOT be doing an update this week. Both of us seem to have been bowled for a 6 by this whole “long weekend” business, so it appears we can’t be bothered. What you gonna do, submit a story yourselves? Cunts. GET OFF MY PORCH!

 My unisex goth/emo badge.

Ahem. So, okay, after THAT tirade… We’re going to just continue with the “fucked up shit that occured to me while I should’ve been doing other things, eh wot. Take a look at this wonderful badge. It retails now for only nothing. Because they don’t exist, even though they should. Now if someone could just help me make my “Fucktard” badge. I’m planning to hand them out at the next CokeFest. (Or if we ever have a convention for the shitfuckers who post on 24. Yikes.) It should involve another badge with a piece of masking tape stuck over it and the word “FUCKTARD” written on it in permanent marker. Freeby points to anyone who submits a photo. (Freebie points buy you fuckall.)

If you’re bored, you can still read my review of the new Hulk movie If It Ain’t Fucking Broke, Don’t Fucking Fix It (2262 words, mo-fos, check it out). Or you can check out pinvictor’s story about poverty and xenophobia, Importing a better class of poor.

Rocket Man!
Now – let’s hear it for Reggie the Veggie. See? It’s a man. Made out of rocket. And his name is Reggie, as in Elton John, you know, the guy who did the song? Ah fuck it. Enjoy the weekend, bitches.

[Originally posted on on Wednesday, June 18, 2008, and Friday, June 20, 2008.]


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